For their new house, the Maloteau family have opted for a passive house. The location benefits from a good north-south exposure, allowing the passive solar gain to be optimised. Intelligent use has also been made of the differences in elevation of the site in the architectural structure chosen.

Construction of a building shell that is impermeable, without cold bridges and perfectly insulated requires suitable techniques: double flow ventilation with heat recovery, a ground-coupled heat exchanger (water-filled tubes buried vertically in the ground) and a gas condensing boiler ensure the desired comfort. Result: heating requirements of only 14 kWh/m².yr (Brussels average 150).

This residence is also ecologically exemplary: FSC wood frame with wood treated non-chemically, raw materials with maximum sustainability, limitation of water consumption and use of rainwater.

Address: Rue Van Soust 449, 1070 Anderlecht
Clients:Mr and Mrs Maloteau
Architect: A. Versele
Engineering design:Lippens